Sunday, October 23, 2011

Black Hole

I just realized I had no MOCs listed from the 1970's movies, which, let's face it, was kind of a low point for Disney. I suppose I do have Pooh MOCs here, but do those could be connected to any of a great number of Disney products. Anyway, that prompted me to go looking. I wonder how many people remember the Black Hole. It's not one of the Disney classics that people come back to again and again, but it was fairly groundbreaking. They came up with several technological advances in filming (in part because they were unable to use Lucas' systems, so they invented their own), they used the longest computer animated sequence in film to this date, and this was also the first PG Disney movie (later leading to Touchstone etc). Mike Crowley made a great version of Vincent and Maximillian.

BTW, I think this raises a challenge for DisneyBricks fans: We need some Apple Dumpling Gang MOCs! Or LEGO renditions of the Cat from Outer Space! Or ... Okay, I guess I see why we don't have many 70's Disney MOCs. (C'mon, though, their version of Robin Hood was great fun and could make a good sculpture.)

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