Saturday, March 17, 2012


Okay, I have to admit that I loved the old Circle-Vision America the Beautiful. If you remember, this was the 1960 theater-in-the-round film where you stood in a big room surrounded by screens as you toured through the US. It's since been replace by more modern versions, but I did really enjoy this when I saw it as a kid. It predated IMAX and modern 3-D and other sorts of virtual visions. BTW, one time I followed a Google Maps Streetview car around the streets of DC, and I imagine that car mounted with cameras pointing every direction is the sort of thing they used to film America the Beautiful. So if you go to Google Maps and look at the street view of the area around George Washington University and see some guy in a white Honda waving at the camera over a three block stretch, that's probably me. Anyway, back to the blog, in 1992 Disney ran a Circle-Vision film called The Timekeeper (or the Visionarium) that featured an animatronic flying robot that was going around doing the filming. Here's Jordan Schwartz's version of that robot.

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