Friday, November 15, 2013

Disney Princesses - What other sets should they make?

There have been so many great Princess movies, that I would imagine we can expect multiple waves of future sets. In yesterday's post on the upcoming Princess sets I suggested some missing characters and one set idea (an undersea palace from the Little Mermaid) that I think would be cool. What else do you think they should produce? Here is some rampant speculation.

Snow White and the Dwarfs - I think a set of the dwarfs cottage would be really good. They could include Snow, a dwarf or two (all seven is too much to ask), and the evil queen in hag form (bearing an apple). I actually think putting a minifig with stubby legs next to a Friends fig for Snow would work well.

Sleeping Beauty - Malificent is the all time best villain in Disney history, and really needs to be done in LEGO, both in human and dragon form. This would be the Friends set for the boys - Prince Philip vs the dragon. Another good set, and more in keeping with the Friends aesthetic, would be Aurora dressed as Briar Rose and a bunch of animals. That whole scene of her dancing with Philip's clothes.

Beauty and the Beast - Disney's other 'Beauty' deserves a couple of sets. Maybe one of Belle and the Beast dancing? Molded LEGO versions of Lumiere and Cogsworth would be great. The castle builder in me would love to get a big village set from the opening musical number, but I think that would be unrealistic.

Brave - The one Brave set so far seems woefully inadequate. The whole focus of the movie is the relationship between Merida and Elinor, so they really should have a set including the queen, either in human or bear form. Of course as a castle guy I'd love to have a set of either the castle or the witch's hut.

Alright, your turn. What sets would you like to see in the Princesses line? Either realistic sets that LEGO could actually make, or just your dream sets covering multiple baseplates with tons of figs.

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