Friday, April 15, 2011

Set 5945, Pooh's picnic

I do intend to go back and look at other official LEGO sets based on Disney characters, but figured I should start with something current. I was actually kind of surprised to recently learn that there was a new line of three Duplo Pooh sets, including 5945, Pooh's picnic. I know that most AFOLs don't look at the Duplo aisle, but I've got a two-year old and a big pile of Duplo on my living room floor, but I haven't seen these in stores yet, so I assume they're pretty new (Brickset says they were released this year - two of the three are up on now).

Anyway, this is a redesign of the previous Duplo Pooh fig. I don't like the new one; it looks like he's gone on a diet and the legs on the new version seem out of proportion. They've also got a new printed bee brick in this new one (you can see the old bee brick below), and they've also redesigned the honey pot piece. This last is a good thing, IMO, as my son has a really hard time attaching and detaching the old honey pot piece. It would have been good to include a picnic blanket with this new set, as that was a nice cloth element in the earlier line. Bread is nice (hmm, the earlier line had cake - maybe now we know why he's thinner). I do like that the rest of the set is basic bricks. Not many, of course, but this is just a ten dollar set. I should note that in the other sets from this new run of Pooh they have also redesigned Piglet and Tigger to make them articulated - which is nice as the old versions were solid pieces. But more on other sets on another day.

BTW, a quick note on the tags below. I used the tag 'character'. Obviously, most of the MOCs I will feature will include some sort of character, but if that character is tied primarily to a particular movie, short, or TV program, I won't use this term. Instead I'll link them to that particular movie etc. For instance, the Steamboat Willie mosaic a couple of days ago was tagged with with 'animated', 'short' and '1920's'. OTOH, with something a sculpture of Mickey there is no specific tie-in (unless there is, like, say, Mickey in his outfit from the Sorcerer's Apprentice section of Fantasia). Pooh is like this - he's been in so many movies and TV episodes that you could hardly pin this to a particular one (not to mention, of course, the original books, but here I'm focused on the Disnified red-shirt-wearing fellow).

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